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she says, “you always smell like cigarettes, and there’s always whiskey on your breath, but you’re the best that i can do, and i think i love you.”

/ now if you want me to slow down / just tell me to slow down / because i want to be loved /

she says, “you don’t love me you just love sex, but i can’t wait around for something better than this, because you’re the best that i can do, and i wish i could leave you”
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You Are A Tourist by Death Cab For Cutie

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Paintings by Henrik Uldalen website l tumblr

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Travel Alberta & Stay + Wander: July -

sweet jesus

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The Sao Francisco Church, Brazil (x)

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And here they are:

Thermoception:  Ability to sense heat and cold. Thermoceptors in the brain are used for monitoring internal body temperature.

Proprioception: The sense of where your body parts are located relevant to each other. 

Chronoception: Sense of the passing of time. Your body has an internal clock. 

Equilibrioception:  The sense that allows you to keep your balance and sense body movement in terms of acceleration and directional changes. 

Magentoception:  This is the ability to detect magnetic fields. Unlike most birds, humans do not have a strong magentoception, however, experiments have demonstrated that we do tend to have some sense of magnetic fields. 

Tension Sensors:  These are found in such places as your muscles and allow the brain the ability to monitor muscle tension.

Nociception:  In a word, pain.  This was once thought to simply be the result of overloading other senses, such as “touch”, but it has it’s own unique sensory system.  There are three distinct types of pain receptors: cutaneous (skin), somatic (bones and joints), and visceral (body organs).


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The Grand Budapest Hotel, inspired in part by the writings of Stefan Zweig

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The end of a Film Roll (by Polly Bird Balitro)

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"Passengers. This is not a shoe. This is disorder. This is size ten chaos. This— see this? This is death. In this locomotive we call home there is one thing that’s between our warm hearts and the bitter cold. Clothing? Shields? No. Order. Order is the barrier that holds back the frozen death. We must all of us on this train of life remain in our allotted station. We must each of us occupy our particular, preordained position. Would you wear a shoe on your head? Of course you wouldn’t wear a shoe on your head. A shoe doesn’t belong on your head. A shoe belongs on your foot. A hat belongs on your head. I am a hat. You are a shoe. I belong on the head. You belong on the foot. Yes? So it is." - Snowpiercer (2013)

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by fchan

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